Community Centre Rúa 2 -
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil


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The Community Centre Rua 2 has existed since 1981 and is situated in the heart of the favela Rocinha, which is a huge conglomeration of houses in Rio de Janeiro. In the favelas, the poorest of the poor live under the most difficult circumstances. Violence happens every day. Children don't really have much safety, every day can be a fight for survival and there isn't much hope for a worthy future. The favelas are breeding grounds for violence that then influences the whole country.

This project gives the children stability, times of happiness and a chance for a better future. Beyond that, it strengthens the community consciousness of the people and thus contributes actively to change of the regional circumstances.

Some time ago, a youth hostel was created within the community center. It has been closed due to covid. The hostel is supposed to contribute to very precious exchanges between human beings from different cultures and it should aso help the community centre to become economically independent.

It is now our goal to collect 1400 euros (8 800 reais) . With this money, a receptionist and a cleaning lady could be paid for four months. After this period, the income that could be generated by the hostel itself should enable for these two jobs to be maintained and paid.

Together we can help make this hostel run again and we can thus sustainably support the wonderful activities of the community centre!

Enjoy supporting this space of healing in the favela Rocinha in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil!

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