Earth Prayers
An idea ready to be sown...

What does Earth Prayers mean?

​1. Sustainability through embodied solidarity in the form of voluntary gifting to global projects

On the Earth Prayers platform we support the dream of a united humanity that lives in peace and freedom in harmony with mother earth. The Earth Dinner initiative is an act of embodied solidarity. It supports people who have suffered or still suffer from the consequences of colonialism, imperialism and asymmetric power structures in economy and society through voluntary and collective monetary flows.


What do we actually do in the framework of the Earth Prayers?


Every week, deep from our heart, we give a voluntary donation to the Earth Prayers platform, which supports projects that aim at maximizing the wellbeing of the human being, the plant and the animal. We allow our force of consumption to turn into solidarity and empower ourselves to promote the common good. 


Who benefits from the money?


100 percent of the money that is transferred to the Association Samen der Solidarität (Seeds of Solidarity) on, together with all the money that is transferred by all the people who give a voluntary contribution in the same week, goes to a sustainable project.


How are the projects chosen? 


There are different criterias that we take into account:


  • content criteria: the project falls into the aims of the association and is willing to work transparently.

  • formal criteria: the project needs financial support in order to reach the project goals or in order to continue to pursue a project.

  • an application, as well as the copy of the passport or if there is no passport of an ID of two people. If the solicitant is an association we also need a photo of the official certificate of the association.

  • Confirmation (with signature) signed by two people of the receiving organization (four-eye-principle) that and how much money has been received from the Earth Prayers initiative. 

  • Photos or videos and a report about how the financial resources were finally used.

What kind of projects can be supported?


Worldwide, we support projects that fall in an ever turning seven week cycle that deal with the following topics:

week 1: free, accessible seeds                       seed banks / food sovereignty
week 2: the earth nourishes                           sustainable organic agriculture 
week 3: protecting Life in Nature                   reforestation, indigenous people, water, flora, fauna 
week 4: the empowered woman                    support for women / sustainable income
week 5: children with a future                       education / arts and creativity 
week 6: holistic health prevention                 mental, physical, spiritual     
week 7: letting the heart speak                     punctual support, for example for a family


Concrete examples of projects that have been supported:
* in Venezuela a small farming family is being supported in the constrction of a drying area for fruits and herbs and a tree nursery, in order to get more independent and in order to be able to sell the surplus on the local market


* in Northern India Vandana Shiva is supported in her work of empowering farmers.


* in Burkina Faso, we've contributed to the construction of gardens in the desert with our valuable project partner several times. Big wholes are dug, so that the water from the rainy season can be used for gardening even in the dry season.


* in Argentina an artist couple is encouraged to create games from recycling materials with chidren from poor areas of Buenos Aires and to offer these children a safe space on public places for being joyful and creative.

People who have the wish that the largest quantity of human beings possible may live in plenty, are heartily welcome to participate in the Earth Prayers movement! It matters very much to us that the impuls of gifting comes out of joy and doesn't feel like anything like an obligation!

Volunteers who have enthusiasm to organise and root the Earth Prayers Movement deeply, are heartily welcome! 

Philipp, Conny und Evi
Verein Samen der Solidarität (Association Seeds of Solidarity)

Earth Dinner - solidarity nourishes.